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A brief testimony from women of purpose:

Amy Adam

I began attending the Potter’s House as a 16 year old in mid 2005. I have been regularly attending the church for 7 years now and have been involved in many of the activities in the church over the years. When I graduated from school, I began studying a Bachelor of Business and, although I was getting good grades, I didn’t feel as though this was the right career path for me. Growing up, I always loved helping children learn and achieve their potential. Being part of this church made me realize that I wanted my life to count, I didn’t just want to be rich and successful, I wanted to make a difference. From this realisation, I began studying a Bachelor of Education and teaching the children’s Sunday School. This practical experience, I believe, contributed to my success in my studies. I graduated in 2011 with First Class Honours and walked straight into a full time job.

Being a part of this church has encouraged me to look beyond myself and consider how I can effectively contribute to society. As well as helping me with my professional life, it has also helped me with my personal life. I met my wonderful husband at church, we have been married for 4 years now and through life’s ups and downs we have stood strong with the guidance of the biblical teachings, the good examples and the encouragement at the Potter’s House.

Being a part of this church has not removed life’s troubles, but it has provided the support, encouragement and direction to come out on top. It has encouraged me to develop a real relationship with Jesus and to seek Him and His will for my life with all my heart. At this church I have become a happier, stronger and more confident woman. I can honestly say that I am fulfilled and satisfied with my life, I feel peace and happiness inside and I know that I am doing what God has planned for my life. Having a relationship with Jesus also gives me great comfort and excitement about the future God has planned for my husband and I.

Natalie Field

I grew up in a Christian home, with my parents pastoring from before I was born. So, as a child, I knew the gospel, the Bible, and living as a Christian. When I was four, my parents were sent as missionaries to King Williams Town, South Africa, in order to pioneer a church. There, I saw many things first-hand, which most other children would normally not witness – people healed of sickness, lives restored, spiritual warfare and God at work. Even though I was just a child, my faith grew strong through this, and by the time I came back to Australia at the age of nine, I was eager to see the things God had planned for my own life.

Living in Australia, I found it hard to make friends at new schools. Often a loner, I began to feel discouraged and insecure about myself. I stopped trying, and started thinking that I was not good enough to be used by God.

When we moved back to South Africa to pioneer another church – this time in Mossel Bay – I was twelve and very relieved that I could move on. But I still faced these problems of trying to fit in, and I realised that God is the only friend who is really faithful. I was not brainwashed into serving God, but I realised that I had to make my own decision to live for Him. In 2006 I publicly gave my life to God and continued to live as a Christian. I faced my struggles, doubts, and obstacles – and still do – but God was and is faithful. In 2007, I was swimming in the ocean. I smashed my head on a rock underwater and passed out. I did suffer injuries, however, I came to realise that worse could have happened, and that God thought my life was worth it. He gave me another chance.

Today I live with my family in Brisbane, and we are part of a wonderful family of God’s people. I continue to live for God, and trust in Him that He still has great plans ahead for me.

Mary Reeves

I became a born-again Christian in the Potter’s House North Brisbane just after high school. Before I was a Christian I was a very angry and frustrated girl. There was so much hatred in my heart. The build up of offenses and violations throughout my childhood and teenage years continued to fuel my bitterness and hatred towards others.

In order to protect myself I hid behind the mask of being strong, tough and angry, but really on the inside I was so broken, confused and tormented. I hid behind this facade to protect myself from getting hurt again. I found it hard to trust and love people, and also to be loved by others. I was tormented by my past and scared of my future.

At the age of 17 I began to question my life once again, but this time I’d really hit rock bottom and had lost the desire to live. It was around the same time that a friend of mine told me about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I was confronted with my sin. For so long I believed I was a good person and for the first time I began to see just how wrong I was. I accepted God’s forgiveness and His love, and began my journey to a new and transformed life in Christ.

By God’s grace I was able to confront and deal with my past, and truly let go. My past used to be the thorn in my side, but with God’s help it has become a blessing that has shaped who I am today. God has the amazing ability to use what was meant for evil and use it for good. I am no longer tormented or bound by my past. I have been set free. Words alone cannot express the freedom and liberty that I have experienced; only a personal encounter with Jesus can.

Elysia Roebig

Although I was not raised as a Christian, I grew up in a wonderful home, with parents who loved me, my siblings and each other. It is the belief of many, that only certain “people” need God- those who are struggling in their lives, battling addictions, those who have been hurt or those who have hurt others. However, I can testify that as perfect as my life may have seemed, there was still a void in my heart that could never be filled by the things of this world.

Growing up in a close family, the change I saw in my older sister when she became a Christian impacted me greatly. Although only 11, I observed many changes in her attitude, actions and outlook on life and immediately wanted them for myself. In mid-2005 I responded to the amazing love and grace God has poured out into our lives and made a decision to give my life to Jesus Christ.

That decision has changed my life ever since. Although being a Christian throughout my teenage years has not been easy, God was and still is my rock. Regardless of who let me down in the past, God never did. Every time, He pulled through. That doesn’t mean my every prayer was answered the way I thought it should be, it means that in the midst of the loss and rejection I experienced, God was right there beside me, supporting me through those trials. God was able to use those struggles to make me even stronger.

Now 19, I am blessed to still be serving God in the Potter’s House North Brisbane, a place where God has brought me friends I now call brothers and sisters and where He is constantly opening doors to bigger and better things for the future I have in Him. Nothing can fully describe the peace I have in knowing that my future is in God’s hands and in being part of a church that is so determined to tell the world about the love and salvation of Jesus Christ- the love and salvation that saved us all.

Helen Barns

I grew up in a good, loving home, the eldest of four girls. We were country people who believed in God, but were not regular church goers. Strangely though, I always knew about Jesus.

My late husband David and I were married in the Catholic church. I received a revelation of having a personal relationship with Jesus in 1978 when I took our three very young children to visit my sister in Townsville. She shared her faith and salvation with me. I was so hungry to know who He was and make Jesus my closest friend. David and I had three more children, whom we took to our local Catholic church regularly.

In 1984 we both gave our lives to Jesus and received the Holy Spirit with the gift of speaking in tongues, through a Christian seminar. As time went by, we felt compelled to seek a church which was more in line with God’s Word. By the time our first two children left school we joined our first Pentecostal church.

Through God’s faithfulness and incredible love I am thankful that I know Him so intimately. My family of 21, 10 grandchildren, are all serving God. My eldest son Matt was the first to join the Potter’s House in Geraldton, WA.

Every day I give thanks to God for His precious salvation and the incredible price He paid so I might be free. His salvation is the most precious gift in the world. In order to make Heaven our home, we must repent of our sins and believe that He is the only living God in all creation, the author and finisher of our faith and the true mediator between God and man. Through being in the Potter’s House North Brisbane and serving Him daily, my life is now fruitful and full of meaning.